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Stream Live Video To Your Website!

Above is a live stream from outside our office door. It was very easy to put this on our website and cost us under a thousand dollars for a megapixel camera, installation and programming.
The still image quality is quite amazing, click this link to open a high resolution picture to see for yourself.
check out a real frame shot!

Our competitive advantage is that we can provide you with your camera, and wireless router and program everything for you. THIS INCLUDES YOUR WEBSITE!

You only need to call us and we can slip in the live video stream anywhere you wish. Usually we just replace an existing photo on your website with a live stream instead!


Timelapse Applications

We can embed textual information from many sources into each image captured. We can add temperature, humdity, or anything that can be retrieved using internet explorer. In process control applications an image of dials is enhanced by embedding the actual numbers.

Here is a short list of some of the places where timelapse archival has been used successfully.

  • Construction Projects
  • Civil Works Projects
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Glacier Monitoring
  • Water Monitoring
  • Bird Sanctuaries
  • Geothermal Monitoring
  • Process Controls
  • Erosion Records
  • Crop Monitoring
  • more

    "Better Business Bingo - Employee Incentive Software"

    Better Business Bingo is a great tool for employers seeking to motivate employees to improve safety, quality, productivity, attendance, sales and more! Better Business Bingo is fully customizable and can be used to manage several different incentive programs at once.

    Better Business Bingo includes everything you need. Create your own bingo cards, manage several different games at once, keep track of employees participating in each game, check for winners, and even create Picture bingo games!

    With Better Business Bingo, you can:

    1. Build your own employee incentive program.
    2. Print your own bingo cards and build custom bingo patterns.
    3. Run multiple incentive programs simultaneously.
    4. Support up to 1000 players in the player database.
    5. Use over 100 royalty free, safety related icons (incl. WHMIS and TDG).
    6. Add and use your own icon sets.
    7. Manage games easily and quickly.
    8. Import employee info from existing applications like MS Excel.
    9. Includes Free technical support, upgrades and incentive program advice for one year.

    Better Business Bingo - helping you motivate your employees!

    Download PDF file


    One copy of Better Business Bingo: $47.00 USD. PURCHASE USING PAYPAL
    One copy of Better Business Bingo: $47.00 USD. PURCHASE USING KAGI ONLINE
    NEW!! We insert YOUR logo onto the Bingo Cards!! The base price is $47.00 USD + $60.00 USD for customization($107.00 USD). PURCHASE USING PAYPAL

    Click here to download your free 45 day demo!

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